We are twinned! Again…


Did you know that 1in3 people worldwide don’t have access to a safe toilet? No, I didn’t either until I saw one of the #ToiletTwinning certificates in a friend’s loo.

That was two Christmases ago, and for the last two we have designed and printed cards at after school art to sell to raise the money to twin a toilet.

This time I was brave and decided to get out the lino cutting tools. The juniors did very well and were attentive to the safety instructions – much to my relief!

We made several practice pieces to get used to the tools and refine the designs.

The lino was cut to size to print directly onto card blanks, to save time and help with lining up.

Great fun was had rolling out the ink…enjoying the Velcro noises!  and inking up the lino, and we were delighted with the results.

Many thanks to all the customers who bought the cards, especially returning customers who liked last year’s (2016) so much they put orders in before we had finalised the 2017 designs!

If you would like to give this a go, please contact me for details of lessons for children, and adults.


If you would like more information on how to twin your toilet, visit


Most of us take our access to a clean, safe loo as an ordinary, common place necessity, but so many people, right now don’t have access to even the simplist of latrines.  The above certificate came with a note to say that the exact coordinates of the latrine could not be given as the local families are afraid of drone strikes.  This made me cry.  We complain when we go to the loo and the paper runs out…..makes you think doesn’t it?





This certificate is for 2016….our first twin.

I also did an assembly at the local school asking the staff and children if they would like to fund raise for #toilettwining, and I am pleased to report the unanimous response was yes, and the school have twinned their toilets.  👍😀

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